assorted coated metal nuts


Depor Industries, Inc. is a certified applicator of coatings to metal fasteners, stampings, springs and other small metal components. Our paint application processes apply organic and chrome-free finishes to automotive and non-automotive metal parts. We operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of global coatings provider, The Magni Group, Inc.

Our relationship with Magni enables us to offer customers cutting-edge application techniques and coating development. Our application expertise is integral to Magni’s coating development.  We invest to stay ahead of the industry curve with leading application technology. In turn, Magni leverages our resources to test new coatings. This deep integration ensures we can provide application solutions in the most challenging situations.


Since 1974, customers in many industries have counted on Depor to apply high-performance corrosion-protection coatings that extend the service life of their products.

Our plants, including a 66,000-sq.-ft. facility in Troy, Michigan, and a 54,000-sq.-ft. facility in Portland, Tennessee, feature the latest technology in processing equipment and paint machines. Both facilities employ highly advanced ‘dip and spin’ paint equipment that processes recess head fasteners and other complicated-geometry parts with minimal to no paint build up in critical areas.

We’re also mindful of our impact on the environment. Thermal oxidizers (50,000 CFM) at both plants collect emissions from our processes and destroy 99 percent of VOCs that would otherwise be released to the environment.

Today, Depor sets the industry standard for others to follow. Our results-oriented employees strive to provide our customers with innovation, quality, consistency and technical expertise that are unmatched in our industry. To learn more, watch our video – The Depor Difference.